Employment pointer for Refugees

Werkwijzer Vluchtelingen ('Employment pointer for Refugees') is the Dutch website for information on employment, education and integration of refugees in the Netherlands. It is an initiative of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands

This website aims to help employers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and professional institutions by collecting, presenting and linking to information on immigration law and policy, supporting organizations and best practices. Unfortunately, the information on this website is solely in Dutch, as it is primarily targeted at Dutch organizations.

Looking for information in English?

Are you a refugee? Or just interested in Dutch immigration law and policy? The websites listed below have some content in English and contain information on asylum procedures, immigration laws, integration requirements and support for refugees.

Immigration and asylum

  • IND
    Official website of the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service, resposible for assessing residence permit applications of people who intend to live in the Netherlands.
  • Government.nl
    Official website of the Dutch government.
  • COA
    Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers’, responsible for the reception, supervision and departure of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands.
  • ACVZ
    The Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs is an independent Committee that advises the Dutch Government and Parliament on immigration law and policy.


  • Inburgeren.nl
    Official website for refugees on integration in the Netherlands and learning the Dutch language. 

Support for refugees

  • VluchtelingenWerk
    The Dutch Council for Refugees is a major NGO defending the rights of refugees and  offering practical support and information to refugees coming to the Netherlands. It also develops projects to promote the integration of refugees in the Netherlands and provides information on refugees to Members of Parliament.
  • UAF
    The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF provides work and study support and counseling for highly skilled refugees.