Knowledge platform

We focus on five dimensions of diversity. This includes gender, age, LGBTI, disabilities or chronic illness and ethnic, cultural and religious background. The starting point, however, is an open organizational culture where differences are valued.

Knowledge from science and case examples are combined in expert reports. These are used to share best practices in the fields of diverse recruitment, inclusive management and more.

Below you will find our translated expert reports and diversity guides.

Diversity in recruitment and selection

Many companies and organisations aim for greater diversity in the composition of the workforce. For example, there is a high demand for women in technology and for employees with a migration background in the healthcare sector. Whether companies succeed in making them more diverse often depends on their recruitment and selection procedures. The expert report ‘Diversity in recruitment and selection‘ contains practical information and tips.

From cultural diversity to inclusion

How do we get from cultural diversity on the work floor to an inclusive corporate culture? The expert report ‘from cultural diversity to inclusion’ answers this question and provides practical recommendations and tips for employers.