For organisations

Companies, organisations and executive search agencies who are committed to promoting more women in top-level positions can consult the SER Topvrouwen database. The basic premise for participating companies is that they maintain an equal balance between female and male candidates on their longlists for (non-)executive positions.

SER Topvrouwen stands for boardroom empowerment

We strongly recommend that companies and institutions make use of our database. It is a handy, free tool aimed at boardroom empowerment, which supports your company in its long-term interests. After all, you want to recruit the very best candidates and take gender diversity into consideration in the process as well. In just a few clicks, you can reach a large pool of carefully selected, talented, ambitious top-level women.

Who is this for?

The SER Topvrouwen database can be consulted by:

  • Directors and supervisory bodies of companies that comply with the law for gradual entry quota and target figures
  • (Non-)executive search agencies that are willing to place 50 per cent women on their longlists
  • Other large organisations (comparable to companies which are subject to the law for gradual entry quota and target figures) that have actual vacancies and requests for advice.

Terms and conditions

A login code will give you access to the SER Topvrouwen database. For this, you must:

  • Have provided confidential access to the job profile of your vacancy
  • Commit to having 50 per cent of your longlist made up of women within three years
  • Inform SER Topvrouwen about the number of female candidates on the longlist and in consultation, announce the appointment of a candidate