SER Thesis Award

The Social and Economic Council (SER) advises the Dutch government and Parliament on social and economic policy. In addition, the SER actively contributes to the development of talent on social and economic topics. That talent is essential for the future of the Netherlands. In this light, the SER has set up a thesis award that is awarded once every two years.

Who can participate?

You can compete for the SER Thesis Award if you have written a master’s thesis on a social economic topic, or a topic related to one of the other areas in which the SER is active. The award is intended for (former) students at Dutch universities and higher professional education institutions (HBO) who completed their thesis between March 2020 and March 2022. Foreign students at Dutch universities and higher professional education institutions are eligible as well.

Win a cash prize of €2000

The winner of the SER Thesis Award will receive a cash prize of €2000. In addition, he or she is allowed to address the SER and will accompany Mariëtte Hamer, the president of the SER, for one day. The other two nominees will receive €500.

The announcement of the winner and the award ceremony will probably take place during a gathering of the SER in the spring of 2022. Read the full regulations and procedures here.


The three judges in the jury are:

  • Mariëtte Hamer (SER president)
  • Tuur Elzinga (chair FNV and vice-president SER)
  • Ingrid Thijssen  (chair VNO-NCW and vice-president SER)

The president of the SER is also the chair of the judges. The judges will judge the entries based on originality, policy relevance, analytical level, and readability. 


Previous winners

In 2020 the SER Thesis Award was won by Sam Huberts with the thesis titled Rekening houden met risico (pdf). Do you want to learn more about his experiences? Watch his video

In 2020 other two nominees were:


Do you have any questions about the SER Thesis Award 2022? Please contact Marianne Den Boef. T 06 44244817;