Complaints Committee for Pre-employment Medical Examinations

This site provides information on the Complaints Committee for Pre-employment Medical Examinations (Commissie Klachtenbehandeling Aanstellingskeuringen, CKA).

The committee considers and decides upon complaints about pre-employment medical examinations. The committee also provides interested parties with information and advice about the possibilities for submitting a complaint about a pre-employment medical examination.

In the course of 2012 the existing Committee is being renewed on account of an advisory report of the Social Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER), which has been accepted by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. As from 1 October 2012, the Committee will operate as a committee of the SER, in a partially new composition. The Committee’s tasks, activities and purposes remain the same.


How are complaints handled?

All persons involved will be given the opportunity to make their views known to the Committee in a public session.

When is a pre-employment medical examination justified?

The act does not lay down in detail for which function a medical examination is justified. However, it does give clear indications of what is allowed, and what is not.

A new job

only after a medical?