How are complaints handled?

  • A complaint may be lodged up to six months following the occurrence of the problem.
  • Before accepting a complaint for processing, the Committee, together with the complainant, will examine whether it is possible for parties to deal with the complaint without the Committee’s intervention.
  • Upon acceptance of a complaint, the Committee will consider the need for any additional information from the complainant.
  • Within one week of receipt of the complaint, or within one week of receipt of any additional information, the Committee will inform the respondent (the person against whom the complaint is directed) of the substance of the complaint, with the request to respond in writing within two weeks; the Committee may extend this limit when necessary.
  • The complainant and the respondent may ask the Committee to hear other persons directly involved in the complaint lodged, such as witnesses and experts.
  • All persons involved will be given the opportunity to make their views known to the Committee in a public session.

Within six weeks of the hearing, the Committee will issue a written decision on the complaint, including an explanation.