Model Rules of Procedure for Works Councils

One of the statutory duties of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands [Sociaal-Economische Raad] (SER) is to promote employee participation [medezeggenschap] within enterprises. To that end, the Council has produced a number of informative publications in this field. Among them are the present Model Rules of Procedure for Works Councils [Voorbeeldreglement ondernemingsraden], with explanatory notes and appendices.

The present edition of the Model Rules is a revised and updated version of that of 2020. The English version follows the Dutch text of the Model Rules (Voorbeeldreglement ondernemingsraden). The text can be downloaded from the SER’s website. The model rules of procedure can also be downloaded for adaptation into rules for a company’s own particular situation.

Each Works Council is required to draw up Rules of Procedure covering the proper procedure for its election and its way of working. The Model Rules of Procedure and the explanation provide recommendations that can serve as a model for Works Councils in drafting their rules of procedure.

The aim of this English-language version of the SER’s Voorbeeldreglement ondernemingsraden is to make it easier for Dutch branches of foreign companies to set up a Works Council, specifically by providing them with a tool for drawing up appropriate Rules of Procedure.

Read the Brochure (in English) 'Basic principles of constructive employee participation' (PDF)

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