Refugee Company

Refugee Company believes that refugees should be able to work in the Netherlands.

Refugee Company

Helps build an inclusive society by:

  • supporting refugees to become economically independent and feel welcome and at ease.
  • inspiring the hosting community to welcome people with a refugee background and to appreciate and support them as they build a meaningful life in the Netherlands

Refugee Company provides on-the-job training through programs that last between six months and three years. Participants become active, gain work experience and build a network made up of both long-term residents and fellow refugees. They can also benefit from support with language learning, integration and citizenship matters, as well as regarding personal development and well-being. After the program we provide guidance to a suitable job.

A Beautiful Mess

We always start out with on-the-job training within the safe spaces of our own social enterprise A Beautiful Mess. We help create a more positive perception of refugees in society through the products and services we offer in A Beautiful Mess (restaurant, coffee bar and makerspace). We want to reach as many people as possible this way and and help build an inclusive society where everyone can flourish.


We are extremely proud that so many people in our network have been able to take a major step towards economic and social independence. Since its foundation in 2015, Refugee Company has helped 144 people find work.

In 2018, 97 participants, including 85 status holders, took part in our on-the-job training. 61 participants were successfully guided to a job. With the high success rate, our program proves to have developed a unique and hugely successful approach.

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