The Joint Sectoral Committees

Joint sectoral committees mediate in conflicts between the Works Councils and the employers. They also act as a source of information. In 2010 the existing 23 joint sectoral committees in the market sector were restructured and reduced to form two committees, Market I and Market II.
These two committees are located at the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER).

The structure of the joint sectoral committee for government institutions has remained the same and is located at the CAOP.

The joint sectoral committees are established to work on matters concerning to the Works Councils Act (Wet op de Ondernemingsraden).

Their tasks are:

  • To settle disputes between works councils (also other employee participation bodies) and the director of the enterprise, by means of an arbitration committee;
  • To registrate the works agreements of the works councils;
  • To be a walking encyclopedia for works councils and directors of the enterprises, answering questions for example about the elections or the consultation meetings;
  • To give information about the Works Councils Act and to encourage employee participation.