Stakeholder meeting Dutch Banking Sector Agreement Evenement

The Dutch Banking Sector Agreement has been effective for over two years. Duriing this stakeholder meeting we discuss the most recent developments within the agreement.


The independent chair of the agreement, Jacqueline Cramer, will take you through the developments within the agreement of the past two years. Earlier this year, the agreement published a paper on enabling remediation. This summer, we are expecting to publish the second years’ monitoring report and the palm oil value chain analysis. We would like to discuss these publications with you and give an insight in our activities in the past and remainder of the year.


The plenary session will be dedicated to the outcomes of the monitoring report. There will also be room for discussion and questions from stakeholders. After the plenary session, participants can take part in one of the following two sessions:

Session I: Enabling remediation (presentation in pdf)
Session II: Palm oil value chain (presentation in pdf)

For Whom

This stakeholder meeting is meant for all parties interested in the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement.

About the Dutch Banking Sector Agreement

A broad coalition of banks, government, civil society organisations and unions signed an agreement on international responsible business conduct in the banking sector. They aim to achieve a material positive impact for people (potentially) facing adverse human rights impacts (related to the activities of clients of the Dutch banking sector) and to search for solutions to address problems that an adhering bank cannot solve by itself.