Access to Remedy Evenement

Putting Access to Remedy into practice in RBC agreements
Date   :  24 March 2020
Program  : 09.30 - 15.30 hrs
Location  : SER-building The Hague
Language  : English 
Organised by  : SER en NCP
Supported by : Shift

RBC agreements across every sector have recognised the critical role for remedy when negative impacts occur in the supply chain. Yet - across every agreement - parties are struggling with how to translate these commitments (to remedy) into practice. This cross-sector session shall equip participants to develop practical, meaningful actions around remedy within the context of RBC agreements.

Customers, workers, investors, suppliers and governments, to name a few, are examples of internal and external stakeholders that more and more expect companies to address and account for severe negative impacts which are linked to their operations and business relationships. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights expect that where “business enterprises identify that they have caused or contributed to adverse impacts, they should provide for or cooperate in their remediation through legitimate processes".

While on paper the expectations from companies in relation to “access to remedy” seem straight-forward, many organisations experience challenges in translating these expectations into practice, particularly in the context of global value chains.

This cross sector thematic session shall be dedicated to addressing the implementation gab of the “access to remedy” expectation and shall, among others, address the following questions:

  • What are a business’ responsibilities with regard to remedy under the UNGPs and the OECD Guidelines?
  • What is the role for grievance mechanisms?
  • What are the expectations of companies in relation to participating in, establishing or engaging with different forms of grievance mechanisms?
  • How do these expectations apply in the context of global value chains?
  • What opportunities exist for more meaningful actions to support greater access to remedy in practice?


The Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands and the Dutch National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines for MNE invites companies committed to implementing the OECD Guidelines, civil society organisations and other stakeholders to join fellow practitioners at this interactive thematic session. To participate in what promises to be a very meaningful and practice-oriented multi-stakeholder exchange on access to remedy.

Registration is open until Monday 16th March.