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Learning and development during career

Summary and recommendations of the SER advisory report: Leren en ontwikkelen tijdens de loopbaan : een advies over postinitieel leren, 17 March 2017 (2017/04).

In recent years, the Dutch Social Economic Counsil (SER) has reported on the need for continuous knowledge and skills development in the working population, driven by shifts in the labour market, for example the impact of digitisation, changes in time use, and closer cooperation between the education sector and civil society partners.

In its most recent advisory report on this topic, the Council considers the impact of its advisory reports (since issuing its first report on lifelong learning in 2002) and those authored by the Education Council and the Learning and Working Think Tank. While many of the recommended measures were adopted, there was either no follow-up or they were quickly reversed; as a result, they did not lead to a major rise in the number of adults participating in training activities.

In its report, the SER describes the impediments to participating in training: little sense of urgency, a lack of time or money, confusion about options or benefits and, in some instances, prior negative learning experiences.

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Learning and development during career (PDF, 297 kB)

Leren en ontwikkelen tijdens de loopbaan