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Work: it’s important to everyone – An advisory report on managing chronic illness at work

Abstract of advisory report: Werk: van belang voor iedereen – Een advies over werken met een chronische ziekte, 11 March 2016 (16/02)

Keeping people with chronic illness in work by improving knowledge and prevention and by providing suitable support

The number of people with a chronic illness is set to increase over the next few years. A large proportion of them are in work and many of them are doing well, but the question is how to keep them in work. It appears to be essential to respond to chronic health issues as early as possible. The SER believes that the solution does not lie in imposing additional rules, but in increasing awareness of the existing rules and maintaining a dialogue in the workplace. The SER also recommends improving support for people in work with a chronic illness and doing more to prevent barriers to employment being created as a result of these illnesses.