Metals sector commits to responsible metals supply chains

Stakeholders in the metals sector are joining forces to advocate for and stimulate international responsible business conduct (IRBC) in the sector. Companies, industry associations, government, trade unions and civil society organisations will sign the ‘International RBC Agreement for the Metals Sector: Delivering Responsible Metals Supply Chains Together’ on 23 May. The aim is to promote international responsible business conduct and to combat human rights and environmental rights violations in the metals sector.
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The agreement focuses on the long-term social and environmental effects in the metals sector in relation to the sourcing of raw materials and the procurement of services. Society increasingly expects companies to take responsibility for every aspect of their production and supply chains. This requires joining forces and cooperating with other stakeholders. A joint approach makes it possible to tackle abuses collectively. In addition to targeting issues within the Netherlands through the involvement of a Dutch industry association, this is the first such multistakeholder agreement to also have international backing thanks to the participation of a European industry association.

Read more on the website of the Agreement.