Open Supply Hub launces a new, free supply chain mapping platform

The Open Supply Hub is an free, accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across multiple sectors and supply chains. Their goal: opening up supply chain data for the benefit of all. Fleur Meerman, Senior Policy Officer IRBC at the SER, has joined the board of the platform.

Board member

Senior Policy Officer IRBC at the SER Fleur Meerman has joined the board of Open Supply Hub: “It is an honour to contributing to Open Supply Hubs’s mission to improve insights around production facilities and global supply chains. This will allow organizations, civil society and other stakeholders to work collaboratively with suppliers and manufacturers to enhance supply chain sustainability. If we want to live in a more sustainable world, it starts with knowing where our products are being made, and under what conditions. Human rights and environmental due diligence for companies starts there. In my view Open Supply Hub will play a crucial role in this through sharing of its open data.“ Open Supply Hub initially focuses on the following sectors: beauty, consumer goods, electronics, furniture, sporting goods and apparel.

Supporter of transparency

Since its inception in 2018, the SER, through the former Dutch Agreement on sustainable garments and textiles (AGT), has supported the predecessor of Open Supply Hub, called Open Apparel Registry (OAR). The AGT companies chose to upload their production locations to the OAR in order to make its data more widely available to trade unions and NGOs, as well as benefiting from automating the process of matching across facility lists from different organizations. This has helped companies strengthening their human rights and environmental due diligence system. For example, a group of companies started working together after OAR revealed that they were sourcing from the same factory. Together with unions the companies are working on improving working conditions through multi-company collective bargaining agreements for clothing suppliers in Vietnam.

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