Evaluation of international RBC agreements also input for SER advisory report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned an evaluation of the agreements which promote international responsible business conduct. The SER will consider this evaluation in its advisory report for Minister Kaag of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation about the Dutch government’s future policy on international responsible business conduct.

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Within the framework of the ‘Putting RBC Measures in Perspective’ project, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is examining whether, and if applicable, which mandatory measures should be taken in the field of international responsible business conduct (international RBC). To this end, the government has organised several research activities. One of such activities concerns the evaluation of the IRBC Agreements conducted by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). This is preceded by a previous study of the agreements by the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Ministry (IOB) as part of a broader evaluation of the policy that advance international RBC.

The SER has taken note of these evaluations and will consider them in its advisory report for the government. Minister Kaag has requested the SER to come up with an advice on the four so-called smart mix of policy measures in the field of international RBC. This advisory report is expected in the Fall. The SER will also discuss the recommendations from the evaluations with the steering groups of the various international IRBC Agreements.